Terms & Conditions



 £100 + VAT deposit per unit payable upon requesting a booking which will be acknowledged, confirmed and invoiced.  Deposits payable by return to secure booking.

Payment for hire due approx. 14 days prior to your event unless payment terms stated otherwise on invoice.  Cancellations charges may apply in the event of you cancelling.



The equipment will be sited in accordance with your instructions, no liability is accepted for damage caused to grass, gardens, hedges, pipes, cables etc. particularly in wet conditions.  Toilets and showers can freeze in extreme weather conditions.

Please ensure suitable access to site if a tanker is required or sufficient height if a crane is required. 

Extra charges may apply in the event of the following:

  • Additional vehicles required to site or remove in adverse conditions. 
  • Equipment inaccessible.
  • Waste emptying if required.
  • Equipment returned in unhygienic conditions. 
  • Callout charges may apply in event of a breakdown.
  • No brand stickers, drawing pins, sellotape, graffiti etc. on or into the fabric of the cabin/trailer.
  • Any damage caused to equipment.
  • Items removed from units and not returned, bins etc.
  • No naked flames, candles etc. in units.
  • Keys not returned will be charged at £15 per key.
  • All Congestion and Emission Zone charges will be invoiced where applicable.
  • Collection at off hire by arrangement, preferably one weeks notice (long term hire only)
  • Excessive waiting time on site.
  • Fuel surcharges may apply.



During the continuance of the hire period the Hirer shall make good to the Owners all loss or damage to the equipment from whatever cause and also fully and completely indemnify the Owner in respect of all claims by any person whatsoever for injury to person or property caused by or in connection with the equipment.


The hirer should inform the insurer of towing vehicle if he intends to tow equipment and that he is covered for any third party claims.

Risk Assessment for mobile units 2016 onwards                                                                  


Who may be at risk and why

Control measures


Movement of vehicles onsite

Anybody within the vicinity of the moving vehicles

Vehicle/pedestrian accident

Ensure area is clear

If in busy public area then site crew may be needed to stand behind reversing vehicles

Areas may be coned off if required


Siting unit

Anybody using unit may be at risk if unit becomes unstable

Vehicle/pedestrian accident

All units are set up on firm, level ground. Blocks are used under legs on soft ground.

All 4 leg jacks are to be secured

In severe weather conditions Wessington cabin should decide if unit is safe to use.


Electric supply to unit

Anyone may be at risk of electric shock if the electrics are faulty.


Possible hazard if lights are off/fail during dark.

All units are tested after manufacture and then annually.

Electric supply is connected using waterproof plugs at rear of units away from public.

Site crew may need to fence in service areas if needed.


Gas supply to unit (showers only)

Gas leak, giving rise to fire/explosion hazard or asphyxiation of people in close proximity.


Personal injury whilst handling cylinder.

All cylinders provided by Calor gas and checked on site during unit setup.


Annual gas inspection and test is carried out by gas safe engineer.


All regulators must conform to British and European Safety standards.


Only Wessington staff to move and change gas cylinders. Appropriate PPE to be worn.


Chemical and waste products

Anyone who comes into direct contact with waste or chemicals

All staff to wear PPE where needed.

All cleaning products are to be stored away from public.

Units are to be closed during tankering out.